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sauna and pool

The Venetian Spa at Rye Lodge Hotel includes a heated swimming pool, spa bath and sauna. Guests may enjoy exclusive complimentary use of the centre throughout their stay – just one of the perks we offer as we are the only hotel in Rye with a swimming pool.

Enjoying our spa will not only relax your muscles, but also help with your blood circulation. Use it as therapy for any aches you might have in your joints, feet, back and muscles. The water itself is also therapeutic – it’s like having a massage! Spas have been known to help with back pain and arthritis, and improve cardiovascular health and sleep.

If you don’t feel like going into the water, you can relax in our traditional pine sauna room, where you can simply sit and enjoy the heat as your body flushes out toxins through your sweat. The dry heat also increases your heart rate – as if you were exercising, so you also lose weight!

Saunas also strengthen your immune system, increase your endurance, improve your hair by activating glands in the scalp and moisturising it, and help keep you looking younger!

There are spacious changing rooms with showers and hair driers. You don’t need to miss working out just because you’re on vacation. Step out of our Venetian Leisure Centre feeling refreshed and revitalised for another day of exploring town!

Staying in our Deluxe or Grand Deluxe Room? You don’t even need to go out to get pampered… With our in-room spa services, you can relax through the soothing hands of our skilled therapists. We offer different treatments ranging from facials, body massages, manicure and pedicure, as well as makeup. It’s everything you need to feel good and look good – inside out!

See our Spa Treatment Menu.

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